Round Reducer

We manufacture All Types Of Brass Cable Glands Accessories like Round Reducer, Brass Lock nuts, Earth tags, Hex Reducer, Brass Stop Plug, Hexagonal Stop Plug, Round Head Stop PLug, Round Adaptor, Knurled Adaptor as per specifications and Drawing.

  • round reducer
Product Code Item No. Thread Length (GL) Height (H)  Hexagon Dimensions (D)
Outer Thread (D1) Inner Thread (D2)
HX-R-101 M16*1.5 M12*1.5  6mm 8.5mm  18mm 
HX-R-102 M20*1.5 M16*1.5   6.5mm 9mm  24mm 
HX-R-103 M25*1.5 M20*1.5   7.5mm 10mm  30mm 
HX-R-104 M32*1.5 M25*1.5   8mm 11.5mm 38mm 
HX-R-105 M40*1.5 M32*1.5  9mm 12.5mm  43mm 
HX-R-106 M50*1.5 M40*1.5  10mm 14mm  57mm 
HX-R-107 M63*1.5 M50*1.5   10mm 14mm 64mm 
HX-R-108 PG9 PG7 8.5mm  17mm 
HX-R-109 PG11  PG9  6.5mm 8.5mm  20mm 
HX-R-110 PG13.5  PG11  6.5mm 9mm  22mm 
HX-R-111 PG16  PG13.5 6.5mm  9.5mm  24mm 
HX-R-112 PG21  PG16 7.5mm  10mm  30mm 
HX-R-113 PG29  PG21 8mm  11.5mm 39mm 
HX-R-114 PG36  PG29  9mm 12.5mm  50mm 
HX-R-115 PG42  PG36  10mm 14mm  57mm 
HX-R-116 PG48  PG42 10mm 14mm  64mm 
HX-R-117  NPT1/2" NPT3/8"   6.5mm 9mm  24mm 
HX-R-118 NPT3/4"   NPT1/2"  7.5mm 10mm  30mm 
HX-R-119 NPT1"   NPT3/4"  8mm 11.5mm  39mm 
HX-R-120 NPT1 1/4"  NPT1"  9mm  9mm  mm 

Material :

CZ 114 BS 2874 - CZ 115 c345, C 353, CDA 36000, c3602, BS 2874 - CZ 121 Pb3 CZ 122 UNS C36000 CDA 360 DZR Brass BS 2874 - CZ 131 CW 614 N, c380, cz122, en 12165 – cw617n, cw612n, cuzn40pb2 & cuzn39pb2.

Threads :

  • ISO Metric (MM Threads).
  • DIN ( PG Threads ).

Finish :

Natural, Nickle Plated or any coating as per customer specification.