Brass Screws

We manufacture all types of Brass Screws like Machine Screws, Chesse Head Slotted Screws, Socket Head Screws, Hex Set Screws, Slottes Pan Head Screws, Slotted CSK Head Screws, Philips Head Screws, Combination Head Screws as per custom design and requirement.

  • brass screws

Material :

  • In Case Of Turned Machine Brass Screws... Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or BS 249 Type (I) or High Grade.
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement In Case Of Cold Forged Machine Screws.
  • Brass as per IS 4413 or BS 2874/Cz108 or High grade mild steel in case cold forged Machine MS Screws.

Threads :

ISO Metric (MM Threads) BA, BSW (Inches), UNC, UNF.

Specifications :

BS 4183 BS 3643 BS 57 BS 93 IS 1367 / 1366.

Length/Size :

From 2mm to 200mm Long Brass Screws Can be offred.

Finish And Coating :

Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated.

Class/ Description Standard Range
Brass hex Head Screws DIN 558 DIN 933 DIN 961 ISO 4017 ISO 4018 ISO 8676 EN 28676 M3 to M56x250
Brass hex Bolts DIN 601MU DIN 931 DIN 960 DIN 6914 DIN 7990 ISO 4014 ISO 4016 ISO 8765 EN 28765 M3 to M56x250
Brass Flanged Neck Screws DIN 6921 EN 1665 M5 to M20x150
Brass DIN 912 DIN 6912 DIN 7984 ISO 4762 M3 to M56x300
Brass CSK Screws Flat head Screws DIN 7991 ISO 10642 M3 to M20x100
Brass Oval head Screws ISO 7380 M3 to M16x50
Brass Eye Bolts Screws DIN 444 M5 to M39x300
Brass Carriage Bolts Screws DIN 603MU M5 to M20x200
Brass CSk Screws DIN 604MU M6 to M24x160
Brass DIN 605MU DIN 608MU M6 to M10x100
Brass DIN 607MU M8 to M16x160
Steel Brass DIN 316 M4 to M24x60
Brass DIN 186 DIN 188 M6 to M56x200
Brass DIN 580 M8 to M56
Brass Pan head Screws slotted pan head screws DIN 84 DIN 85 EN ISO 1207 EN ISO 1580 M2 to M12x80
Brass CSK Screws DIN 963 EN ISO 2009 M2 to M12x80
Brass raised CSk head Screws DIN 964 EN ISO 2010 M2 to M12x80
Brass Pozi head Screws Pozi CSk Philips Head Screws Brass Screws DIN 7985 EN ISO 7045 form H and Z DIN 427 DIn 464 DIN 653 DIN 571 DIN 911 DIN 915 DIN 916 DIN 923 DIN 931 DIN 933 DIN 963 964 965 DIN 966 M2 to M12x80
Brass cheese head screws DIN 84 DIN 965 EN ISO 7046 form H and Z M2 to M12x80
Brass pan head screws slotted pan head screws DIN 85 A 966 EN ISO 7047 form H and Z M2 to M12x80
Brass hexagonal bolts Hex head screws DIN 967 NF E 25-139 form H and Z M2 to M12x80